Coffee (3)

The Koffee Works – Kharghar Navi Mumbai

My therapeutic endeavor to hunt down the best cafes in Mumbai took me to The Koffee Works at Kharghar lately. This reconnaissance mission, a linchpin of my utmost pleasure in exploring the café culture in this iconic city, gave me an opportunity to explore the other part of the town for the first time – Navi Mumbai – and in spite of the daunting task of travelling near about 42…

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Coffee Facts: Things to know about coffee

Here are some Coffee Facts which the die-hard coffee enthusiasts must be well aware of. 1) There are two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Although there are hundred coffee species in the world, the coffee beans are majorly categorized into two types : Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee beans are high in quality, flavourful and less in caffeine. Also, these beans are used to produce near about 70% of the coffee…

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Coffee Goa

Is your coffee bitter? Something is wrong then

Why your coffee tastes bitter? Have you ever experienced an awful bitter taste in your cuppa coffee? Do you think that a strong coffee is recognized by its harsh bitter flavor? In case you are averse to coffee, is it due to its overwhelming unpleasant taste? This is how most of my coffee experiences end – bitter, unhappy, displeasing. A majority of people have certain wrong notions about this brewed…

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Bombay Coffee House – Bandra, Linking Road

Before we move to the review of Bombay Coffee House, let’s consider the following. What makes you happy? Think about it. In case you got the answer, my next question is: Do you indulge in it quite often? Whatever makes you happy? Nothing in this world matters more than your happiness. I believe it is the ultimate goal of life and is one of the best medicines to heal or…

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Light House Cafe – Worli

In this circle of life, also known as Maya, every moment becomes a memory after some time. We, as human beings, are destined to create as many memories we want where the departure of one promises the arrival of another. And when the time comes for this question: “What did I do in my entire life,”, we bring together or think about all the great times and cherished memories which…

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Kala Ghoda Cafe – Fort

Kala Ghoda is one of the finest neighborhoods in Mumbai and is quite famous for the literary and contemporary art festivals. Its vintage architecture is another captivating factor, and I absolutely love visiting this beautiful part of the city. My therapeutic endeavor and perpetual campaign to hunt down the best cafes in terms of coffee took me to Kala Ghoda café last week. And, fortunately, my foray into this café…

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The Pantry

The Pantry – Fort

déjà vu – That is how I summarize the experience at The Pantry. The memory is still fresh. When I pushed the white door to enter into this monochromatic place, I looked around to find a peaceful and empty section; hence, I automatically gravitated towards the lonely left portion of the café. I looked askance, and a visceral feeling told me that this has happened before – same table, same…

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Leaping Windows – Andheri West

Believe me, I have always whined about the traffic in Andheri; hence, the thought of going to this crowded place would suddenly make me grumpy. However, my encounter with a horrifying traffic situation, which still haunts me, during my latest sojourn to New Delhi has changed my perspective. And, now, I do not mind going to Andheri at all. My foray into the Leaping windows was mediocre, unfortunately; however, before…

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Birdsong Cafe – Hill Road, Bandra West

Amidst a heated conversation between a couple on one side and the extremely loud business professionals on the other, I struggled to enjoy my coffee initially, and when I could not see any hope of respite from the rackety crowd, I decided to endure the situation. I may be hypercritical as cafes are meant to be like this but my inability to focus on anything at that time irked me….

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The Boston Cupcakery – Lokhandwala, Andheri West

Every story revolves around a protagonist; all the other characters are less relevant. However, there are certain exceptions where one of the supporting characters makes an indelible mark and steals the show. Remember The Dark Knight? The epic and dominating performance of Heath Ledger as a psychopath with a sadistic sense of humor  made The Dark Knight a joker movie and created a behemoth in the industry. Instead of the…

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Love & Latte – Lokhandwala, Andheri West

Coffee rating: 3/5 For the first time, my coffee diaries expedition took me to Andheri West where my quest for the best cafes started with Love & Latte. In all honesty, travelling to Andheri from SantaCruz West is a big conundrum due to the madness of traffic, and I have always vacillated about whether to make Andheri a part of my coffee spree. My fervent desire to hunt down the…

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Zen Cafe – Lower Parel

Zen café is an epitome of lovely ambiance, impeccable hospitality, and delicious coffee; and my second encounter was as brilliant as the first one. Located on the mezzanine floor of a housing store in Raghuvanshi mills, its winsome aura and distinctive appearance engulf you. The elegant and minimalist décor, along with soothing music, makes it a perfect place to spend valuable time even if you are all alone. A great…

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Coffee Artisan

Artisan cafe – Sofitel, Banda Kurla Complex

Executing the plan of hunting down the best cafes in Mumbai in terms of coffee was one of the biggest milestones in my life. This amazing journey thus far, where I have explored lot of cafes and have understood so much about coffee in the last 4-5 months, has inspired me to write my own book on coffee and to become a coffee connoisseur one day. My learning and experiences…

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Tea Villa Two

Tea Villa Cafe – Vile Parle East

Sometimes there is more to what we see and perceive. I agree that the story revolves around a protagonist, and all the other characters are less relevant, still you cannot underestimate their impact, and the overall support from them acts as a salvation for the big picture. The secondary elements as well play a cardinal role to give purpose, meaning, and charm to the central character. I have no intention…

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Pali Village Cafe – Pali Hill, Bandra West

Known for its rustic décor and feel, Pali Village café holds a high reputation in the upscale neighbourhood of Pali hill. Its rave reviews regarding the food and ambiance have always forced me to muse about its worth and authenticity. Though my foray into this place relates only to coffee, the experience was mediocre, and it belies with the café’s ballyhooed prestige. To add more, the coffee was below standards….

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Aromas Cafe – Kurla West

Aromas café – the eleventh café of my coffee diaries expedition. I am extremely proud to reach this benchmark where I have successfully explored ten cafes in my perpetual hunt for the best coffee in this iconic city Mumbai. My initial plan regarding this quest included just five places where Kurla was never a part of it; however, an epiphany moment made me realise some good cafes at Kurla, and,…

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